Valley course

Contrast to the Garden Course, the Valley course is regarded as a "Championship Course" with diverse species of pine trees that compliments the rolling of the hill views. With an outstanding view of the scenery and a glimpse of the iconic Blue Mosque Shah Alam, it will remind you of your experience here at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club.

Length 6,412 meters
Par 72
Course / Slope Ratings
Black Tees 73.6 / 128
Blue Tees 71.0 / 124
White Tees 68.3 / 123
Red Tees 70.4 / 121
Fairways Bermuda Tifway 419
Greens Bermuda Mini Verde
Course Designer Max Wexler, American
Redesign Ted Parslow, Australian

Hole 1 | Par 4 | Index 2

381 metres from the 'Black Tee', this 'Par 4'demands a straight drive across a water hazard onto a fairway fronting the same.

Slice your ball right and you'll end up in the 'drink', taking your third shot from the 'drop-zone' near the ladies' tee-box. Your second shot also has a rather short water carry to an undulating 'Green' guarded by bunkers on the left, right and back.

Scoring a 'birdie' or 'par' on this hole is truly a formidable task indeed, and should be treated as well deserved.

  • 381
  • 351
  • 317
  • 289

Hole 2 | Par 5 | Index 16

475 metres from the 'Black Tee', this medium length'Par 5'with steep slopes on the right of the fairway and bunker clusters on the left is a relatively easy hole to tackle.

A straight and long drive, coupled with a '3-wood' second shot, should easily get you on the 'Green' in 'two' towards an 'eagle' opportunity. A third pitch to the 'Green' for a 'birdie' opportunity would however be more realistic.

Overshoot the 'Green' however and you'll have to contend with a steep uphill slope on your back track.

  • 475
  • 448
  • 417
  • 355

Hole 3 | Par 4 | Index 14

334 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is by far the shortest 'Par 4' in the Valley (and Garden nonetheless). A good drive will leave you with a 'short iron' for a 'two-on' onto the 'dance floor' provided the left and right bunkers do not trap your ball.

With an undulating 'Green' to contend with, a good line reading should ensure you a 'birdie' or a saved 'par'.

  • 334
  • 303
  • 262
  • 236

Hole 4 | Par 3 | Index 18

164 metres from the 'Black Tee', this hole is the shortest 'Par 3' in the Valley. From the tee-box, the uphill 'Green' seems close enough to reach with a '9' or '8-iron' but this is only an illusion created by its uphill lie.

The ideal 'iron' for the average player would be a '6' or '7' bearing in mind an uphill hole means further distance.

Front bunkers guarding the pin position on the right tend to trap balls that fall short of the 'Green'. A 'par' should be well deserved on this hole.

  • 164
  • 144
  • 135
  • 122

Hole 5 | Par 5 | Index 8

498 metres from the 'Black Tee', this medium length 'Par 5' is an easy hole to play a safe tee-shot, a 'rescue wood' follow through and a 'short iron' to the 'Green', creating a 'birdie' opportunity.

But bunkers on the left and right of the 'Green' might thwart your high aspirations on an otherwise simple and straight forward hole.

  • 498
  • 463
  • 441
  • 407

Hole 6 | Par 4 | Index 4

382 metres from the 'Black Tee', a perfect and long tee-shot will help golfers to create a better chance to reach the 'Green' in 'two'. Undulating right-sloped fairways will cause golfers to think wisely on club selections.

A good approach shot would be one that utilises'short irons', creating opportunities for 'birdies'. As always,bunkers are invariably lurking at every nook and cranny guarding the 'Green' against errant shots.

  • 382
  • 339
  • 310
  • 294

Hole 7 | Par 4 | Index 6

349 metres from the 'Black Tee', a '3-wood' is an ideal club for a good lay up shot to the 'Green' fronted by a lake. A drive would probably take your ball to a steep downhill slope into the much dreaded water hazard straddled with steep slopes.

With the ball well placed on flat ground on left hand side of the fairway, a good '6' or '7-iron' will carry your ball over the water hazard, onto the 'Green' for a 'birdie' opportunity or even a saved 'par'.

  • 349
  • 324
  • 310
  • 278

Hole 8 | Par 3 | Index 10

203 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is probably the most picturesque and scenic hole in the Valley considering the fact the tee-box commands a much elevated, panoramic view of the Valley.

Your tee-off must carry a water hazard and land on an uphill 'Green'. The sprawling 'Green' is undulating, fast and tricky and even a 'one-on' cannot guarantee a 'birdie' or saved 'par' for that matter.

  • 203
  • 174
  • 151
  • 130

Hole 9 | Par 4 | Index 12

342 metres from the 'Black Tee', Hole 18 is a picturesque finishing hole brandishing clusters of swale like bunkers on the left hand side of mid fairway and left and right bunkers guarding the 'Green'. As with Hole 17, this hole too has a water carry and a long drive should easily get your ball to the 100-metre marker from the 'Green'.

On the two-tier 'Green', an uphill putt is easier to play from the front of the 'Green' than the downhill putt from the back of the 'Green' as its downhill inclination might result in near missed putt ball rolling way past the hole, ending outside the 'Green'. This peril notwithstanding, the hole however should, at the least provide you a saved 'par'.

  • 342
  • 315
  • 290
  • 240

Hole 10 | Par 4 | Index 5

373 metres from the 'Black Tee', on this hole, accuracy is a prerequisite when landing your ball on the fairway, as a cluster of left fairway bunkers are aligned to the fairway.

Slice right and an 'Out-of-Bounds' on the right fringing Glenmarie's Driving Range comes into play. Your second shot should take you onto a 'Green' guarded by left and right bunkers.

Overshoot the hole, and you have to backtrack uphill as the 'rough' situated directly behind the 'Green' slopes steeply downward. Otherwise this should be an easy hole for a 'birdie' or to save 'par'.

  • 373
  • 355
  • 322
  • 299

Hole 11 | Par 4 | Index 15

366 metres from the 'Black Tee', the two-tiered nature of this fairway gives the appearance of two fairways, an upper left and a lower right fairway straddled by a solitary bunker in between the two, to trap those taking the 'middle-of-the-road' tee-off approach.

From the 100-metre marker, the upper tier slopes downwards rather steeply to an undulating 'Green' guarded by left and right bunkers. Those taking the lower tier section of the fairway should beware of an 'Out-of-Bounds' lurking far right.

Accuracy is vital on your approach to the 'Green' as it slopes steeply downward to a lake looming behind the 'Green'.

  • 366
  • 338
  • 322
  • 293

Hole 12 | Par 3 | Index 9

224 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is the longest 'Par 3' in the Valley or for that matter the Garden. Middle handicap golfers might even consider using a driver, let alone a '3-wood' to reach the 'Green' in 'one'.

Slice your tee-off shot and you'll find yourself at the bottom of a hillock working your way upwards onto a 'Green' guarded by bunkers all round. If you find yourself 'one-on' the 'Green', its tricky and undulating surface swales might add further to your strokes.

  • 224
  • 203
  • 192
  • 144

Hole 13 | Par 4 | Index 3

390 metres from the 'Black Tee', this long'Par 4'would present in itself a welcome relief to golfers who fared badly in the preceding 'Hole 3'.

A reasonably accurate tee-off uphill to the middle crest section of the fairway will render an elevated 'Green' visible as fairway runs downhill from that point onwards, only to make its way slightly uphill on its approach to the 'Green'.

  • 390
  • 361
  • 330
  • 308

Hole 14 | Par 5 | Index 7

503 metres from the 'Black Tee', this Par 5 'Signature Hole' features a landscaped stream complete with boulders, that traverses the fairway diagonally and slantwise, about 230 metres from a three-tiered elevated tee-box.

Smart and seasoned golfers would opt for a '3-wood', teeing off slightly left of the fairway towards a small bridge that cuts across the stream, to land slightly short of it. The second shot should then be struck slightly right of your approach to the 'island green' guarded by bunkers all around.

The island stature of the 'Green' is yet another mental obstacle to overcome, otherwise it should present an easy opportunity for a 'birdie' or even to save 'par'.

  • 503
  • 469
  • 440
  • 411

Hole 15 | Par 3 | Index 11

181 metres from the 'Black Tee', this Par 3 has a 155-metre water carry to a 'peninsular green' guarded with water hazards on the right and back section. This hole exemplifies the renown idiom “golf is a mental game”.

The trick is to ask yourself 'what water?' before assailing your ball to the centre of the 'Green' for a 'birdie' putt. High handicappers however have a choice of “chickening out” from the long water carry 'one-on' hazardous proposition, by directing their 'tee-offs' right wards to a fairway fronting the 'Green'.

Albeit taunts of 'coward!' from the more dextrous of your flight mates, here the adage to go by is “better be safe than sorry”.

  • 181
  • 155
  • 135
  • 99

Hole 16 | Par 4 | Index 13

342 metres from the 'Black Tee', this 'Par 4'alsorequires a long water carry but unless you execute that dreaded slice, the average golfers should be able to clear this water hazard easily with a driver. The perfect 'tee-off' would be a ball landing on the right hand side of the fairway bunker.

From there a 'short iron' should be able to take you slightly uphill onto the 'Green' in 'two', where a 'birdie' or a saved 'par' is quite easily attainable.

  • 342
  • 321
  • 301
  • 262

Hole 17 | Par 4 | Index 1

404 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is the longest 'Par 4' in Glenmarie (Valley & Garden notwithstanding). Bearing an index of '1', it is veritably the toughest hole in the entire Valley.

With its 'Green' located downhill from the 100-metre marker, the 'Green' is still not visible from your second shot position. Menaced by an 'invisible' water hazard on the left of an undulating 'Green' and a steep slope on the right, you'd be very fortunate to score a 'par' on this hole, and should even come out smiling if you end up with a 'bogey'.

  • 404
  • 379
  • 348
  • 332

Hole 18 | Par 5 | Index 17

501 metres from the 'Black Tee', this long and narrow 'Par 5' finishing hole for the 'front nine' should not pose a hazard if you tee-off straight avoiding mature trees and a steep downward slope on the right and hefty trees screening electrical grid pylons to the near left.

Fairway bunkers tend to trap errant shots. The undulating and fast nature of our undulating 'Mini Verde Greens' will pose a threat to ambitious golfers going for 'birdies' on this relatively mild 'Par 5'.

  • 501
  • 474
  • 447
  • 409