Garden course

Our Garden Course is regarded as a "Resort Course" as it display a rich arrays of flora, fauna and lakes. In the lush rainforest or shaded by majestic royal palms, you will discover an oasis of coconut palm with frangipani trees surrounding the Garden Course.

Length 6,404 meters
Par 72
Course / Slope Ratings
Black Tees 73.6 / 126
Blue Tees 71.5 / 125
White Tees 68.8 / 122
Red Tees 71.6 / 117
Fairways Bermuda Tifdwarf 419
Greens Bermuda Tifdwarf
Course Designer Max Wexler, American

Hole 1 | Par 4 | Index 10

357 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is the shortest 'Par 4' on the course and plays downhill onto a wide and open fairway. The approach will be uphill to an open 'Green' guarded by a long bunker on the right.

  • 357
  • 330
  • 299
  • 273

Hole 2 | Par 3 | Index 18

155 metres from the 'Black Tee', this hole plays downhill to a 'Green' surrounded by 3 bunkers and overlooking the picturesque Clubhouse, hotel and lake fountain. A precise 'short iron' to this 'Green' will deliver players a putt for 'birdie'. Overshoot the 'Green' and the lake looms behind.

  • 155
  • 135
  • 115
  • 97

Hole 3 | Par 5 | Index 16

491 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is a double 'dog-leg' hole in which a slightly left tee-shot is required to land the ball on the centre of the fairway.Long hitters can reach the 'Green' in 'two', which is rendered blind by the small crest at the 100-metre marker.

A yellow triangular marker affixed atop a high mast will however pinpoint the exact position of the 'Green' from the dead centre of the fairway. The small and tricky 'Green'will be visible from the third approach shot. Here precision is the key to your approach as the undulating 'Green' guarded by bunker on the right can be punishing.Overshoot the 'Green'and a lake looms left.

  • 491
  • 467
  • 432
  • 412

Hole 4 | Par 4 | Index 2

392 metres from the 'Black Tee' and bearing an Index of '2', this is the toughest 'Par 4' on the 'back nine' of the Garden Course. You'll need an elevated tee-shot to land on a side hill fairway which slants right to left.

An accurate and long tee-shot will leave a short approach to an uphill andelongated 'Green' armed with subtle breaks and guarded by two bunkers on the left.

  • 392
  • 368
  • 339
  • 311

Hole 5 | Par 3 | Index 12

189 metres from the 'Black Tee', and sloping downhill to an undulating 'Green' with a solitary bunker on the left, you'll need a '5' or '6-iron' to reach the pin in 'one'. A missed 'Green' will more than likely result in a 'bogey'.

  • 189
  • 165
  • 144
  • 129

Hole 6 | Par 5 | Index 4

503 metres from the 'Black Tee', an uphill drive on this tough 'Par 5'will get you onto a narrow fairway, with two fairway bunkers on the left to trap errant drives. A slice will end up amongst the palm trees.

The second shot needs to be placed in the middle of the fairway and don't flirt to the right as it is 'Out-of-Bounds'. The third approach shot will be downhill to a large undulating 'Green' protected by two bunkers on the right and one on the left.

  • 503
  • 475
  • 438
  • 399

Hole 7 | Par 4 | Index 14

360 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is a "dog-leg" right hole where you must keep the uphill drive to the left of the centre of the fairway to avoid two fairway bunkerson the right. If the tee-shot is pulled, the ball will end up in the trees blocking your second shot.

A good drive will leave players with 'short irons' to a downhill 'Green' guarded by two left bunkers, where you stand for a good 'birdie'opportunity.

  • 360
  • 333
  • 310
  • 289

Hole 8 | Par 4 | Index 6

368 metres from the 'Black Tee', this is another medium length 'Par 4' where strength of drive is the determining factor. The side hill approach shot to the elongated 'Green' with a long left bunker protecting it, will prove to be slightly tricky.

  • 368
  • 346
  • 317
  • 293

Hole 18 | Par 4 | Index 8

372 metres from the 'Black Tee', this long downhill finishing hole will add extra roll to your tee-shot. A 'hook' will be disastrous as hefty trees will obstruct your second shot.

The approach shot is uphill to a large and difficult 'Green' that has three different levels with two bunkers to the right and one on the left.

  • 372
  • 346
  • 310
  • 289

Hole 10 | Par 4 | Index 11

Teeing off downhill on this 375-metre (from the 'Black Tee') long hole, be mindful of the lake traversing the fairway 230 metres from the same. Long hitters will use a '3-wood' or a hybrid club tolay up on the fairway fronting the lake to start with.

The same lake, which lurks on the left of the first half of the fairway doesn't come into play unless you hook your shot to end up in the 'drink'. The second shot plays onto an undulating 'Green' devoid of bunkers and sloping left to right with several swales. br/>
Overshoot the 'Green' and the same lake looms behind. 'Green' and the same lake looms behind.

  • 375
  • 349
  • 320
  • 293

Hole 11 | Par 5 | Index 15

A medium length 'Par 5' (488 metres from the 'Black Tee'), the power hitter can reach the peninsular 'Green' in two if he can cut the 'dog-leg' and place the ball on the left nearer to the lake. The second shot will require a '3-wood' to assail the ball over a vastexpanse of water onto a 'peninsular Green' guarded by bunkers on the left and right setting yourself for an 'eagle' putt. Among the less dextrous golfers who opt to play a third shot will settle for a wedge to lay up the ball 50 to 100 metres from the 'Green' fronted by the lake. A small pitch will then take you onto the 'Green' to settingyourself up for a 'birdie' putt or a saved 'par'.

  • 488
  • 468
  • 443
  • 431

Hole 12 | Par 3 | Index 13

147 metres from the 'Black Tee', this hole plays uphill to a two-tiered 'Green' guarded by two bunkers on the left. You'll need to use a '7' or an '8-iron' to place the ball on the 'Green'. If you fall short, a tough uphill chip is needed to challenge the undulating 'Green' to save 'par'.

  • 147
  • 135
  • 119
  • 104

Hole 13 | Par 4 | Index 1

385 metres from the 'Black Tee', this hole bearing an Index of '1' is the toughest hole in the Garden. Slice the drive right, and you will be punished by the flowerbed or lake and hefty trees obstructing your second shot. A 'hook' will end up 'Out-of-Bounds' by perimeter walls straddling grand mansions on the left. The key is to place your ball on the fairway to set up for a slightly uphill shot onto a two tiered 'Green'guarded bytwo bunkers on the left and one on the right.

  • 384
  • 344
  • 314
  • 281

Hole 14 | Par 4 | Index 3

374 metres from the 'Black Tee', a straight down the middle tee-shot will avoid a fairway bunker on the left and water hazard on the right. The second shot is slightly uphill to a relatively flat 'Green'guarded by three bunkers left of the 'Green'.

  • 374
  • 356
  • 332
  • 318

Hole 15 | Par 4 | Index 9

To tackle this 373-metre (from the 'Black Tee')'dog-leg' right hole, the ideal tee-off is to the left of the fairway. Too much slice, you'll end up amongst the tall bulwark trees on the right and will have to take your 'medicine' by pitching or chipping your ball play back onto the fairway. Players will be hitting at least 'middle irons' to the 'Green' which slopes back to front with a solitary bunker on the right. Hook your approach shot left, and you will end up in the trees or drain situated left of the 'Green'.

  • 373
  • 351
  • 326
  • 311

Hole 16 | Par 5 | Index 5

The longest 'Par 5' on the course, (518 metres from the 'Black Tee'), a 'Par' is on the card if the player maintains two straight shots. The second shot must be straight to avoid a cluster of three fairway bunkers in a depression on the right approach to the 'Green'. The third shot would entail a '9-iron' or 'wedge' hit snugly onto the 'Green' to avoid a bunker fronting it, to set up for a 'birdie' putt.

  • 518
  • 493
  • 426
  • 445

Hole 17 | Par 3 | Index 17

184 metres from the 'Black Tee',this is a downhill tee-shot with two bunkers guarding the left and the right of the 'Green'. If you fall short, you are left with an open 'Green' to work with, for a pitch to put it close. Overshoot the 'Green' and a lake looms behind.

  • 184
  • 158
  • 136
  • 116

Hole 18 | Par 4 | Index 7

373 metres from the 'Black Tee', this hole demands an uphill tee-shot where accuracy is the key. A 'hook' will end up in the trees fronting the hotel and slice will result in a severe downhill lie in the rough fronting a lake rendering the 'Green' out of sight. The 'Green' features three tiers sloping front to back with 3 bunkers on the left and 2 on the right. The approach will have to be well judged to put it close to the hole.

  • 373
  • 357
  • 340
  • 307